Primary Mining
is reaching
its bottom

Urban Mining 

is not digging 

deep enough

We dig deeper,
closing the raw materials gap

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The new
standard in Urban Mining

Circular Industries will realize an Urban Mining Factory for the maximum and sustainable recovery of (Critical) Raw Materials from WPCBs.

Waste Printed Circuit Boards ('WPCBs’) are a monostream sourced from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ('WEEE'), better known as
e-waste. E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the European Union (‘EU’).

WPCBs contain a very complex mixture of materials, some of which are hazardous and many of which are of critical importance to the EU’s strategic autonomy. To date, only a handful of Raw Materials are recovered from WPCBs. Moreover, the current processes are not fully sustainable and circular.




With our patented Deep Recovery Process, we close the gap in the recovery of (Critical) Raw Materials and ensure that these remain available for future generations and applications.

Above all, no toxic substances are released within our process and all waste flows are converted into new products.

This is what integrating sustainability and circularity is all about. Because we have to. Because we can.



Up to five times deeper, to a total of 24 elements by 2028. From these 24 elements, 11 are listed as Critical Raw Materials by the European Commission.

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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’) of the United Nations are a call to action. Our project complies with 8 of these SDGs.

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