Circular Industries (‘CI’) is the project developer of the 

Urban Mining Factory - Printed Circuit Boards (‘UMF-PCB’). 

This factory converts 15,000 tons of Waste PCBs per 

year into a maximum number of Critical Raw Materials.

Deep Recovery

of Critical Raw Materials
in low-grade Waste PCBs




53 Million tons


110 Million tons


United Nations Environment et all
- Future e-waste scenarios. 

The need
Electronic Waste (‘E-Waste’) is the world’s fastest growing waste stream. Within the European Union (‘EU’), less than 46% is recycled. In order to achieve the recycling target of 65%, the collection and dismantling of low-grade E-Waste must become economically more attractive.

The solution

Circular Industries has developed a unique and patented process for Deep Recovery of Critical Raw Materials present in low-grade Waste Printed Circuit Boards (‘WPCBs’). As a result, suppliers of WPCBs receive a higher payout, making the collection, dismantling and trade of low-grade E-Waste economically more attractive.

Sustainable and Circular

The process generates no toxic emissions, polluted waste water or unusable residues, thereby creating a new standard for responsible (urban) mining and production of raw materials.

Security of supply

The Critical Raw Materials produced will benefit the security of supply of raw materials to EU manufacturing industries, with main applications within the energy transition.


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The project contributes to 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations.

Project impression

Urban Mining Factory - Printed Circuit Boards