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Urban Mining is a golden opportunity for investors who want to make a significant contribution to sustainability

“Our projects will not just be driven by financial goals but also by values that benefit both people and the environment”

Urban Mining takes a holistic view on the recovery of raw materials from waste streams and is considered as the next frontier in the Circular Economy. Within the Circular Economy, the raw materials chain is supposed to function as a closed loop. Thus, no materials should be lost. To make this happen in practice, circular business models have to be demonstrated.

As a project developer, Circular Industries is working on such a circular business case, focused on closing the loop. After 5 years of preparation, this has resulted in a very well thought out and truly unique project: the Urban Mining Factory Printed Circuit Boards (‘UMF-PCB’). 

The purpose of the UMF-PCB is the maximum and sustainable recovery and refining of (Critical) Raw Materials from discarded low-grade PCBs, so that these materials become available for Europe's high-tech manufacturing industries and energy transition.

Because the UMF-PCB will not be just driven by financial goals, we are open to discussions with equity investors who consider Social, Environmental and Governance criteria as important as we do.
Feel free to contact us for further information.

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